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KM1E44F-2 2 Stroke 51.7CC GASOLINE ENGINE Displacement bore x stroke: 51.7cc 44x34mm Max power: 1.4kw 2.0HP Fuel consumption:≤610g kwh Fuel tank:1.2L N.W.:4.2kgs packing:31x29x23cm 20'FCL:1400PCS

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KNK Art No.: KM1E44F-2
Displacement/bore x stroke: 51.7cc/44x34mm
Max power: 1.4kw/2.0HP
Fuel consumption: ≤610g/kwh
Fuel tank: 1.2L
N.W.: 4.2kgs
packing: 31x29x23cm
20'FCL: 1400PCS
Product Net Weight
4200g ≈ 4.2 kgs ≈ 148.15oz ≈ 9.26lbs
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No. KNK Art No. Description Qty Button
E1 KM1E44F-2-E1 SCREW 1 More Info
E10 KM1E44F-2-E10 STARTER POLE 2 More Info
E11 KM1E44F-2-E11 RUBBER CUSHION 1 More Info
E12 KM1E44F-2-E12 START GASKET 1 More Info
E13 KM1E44F-2-E13 START REEL 1 More Info
E14 KM1E44F-2-E14 SPRING 1 More Info
E15 KM1E44F-2-E15 * 0 More Info
E16 KM1E44F-2-E16 * 0 More Info
E17 KM1E44F-2-E17 * 0 More Info
E18 KM1E44F-2-E18 OIL SEAL 1 More Info
E19 KM1E44F-2-E19 CRANK CASE 1 More Info
E2 KM1E44F-2-E2 RATCHET 1 More Info
E20 KM1E44F-2-E20 CRANK CASE GASKET 1 More Info
E21 KM1E44F-2-E21 BEARING 6206/P5 2 More Info
E22 KM1E44F-2-E22 CRANK SHAFT 1 More Info
E23 KM1E44F-2-E23 KEY 3*13 1 More Info
E24 KM1E44F-2-E24 PIN B5*12 2 More Info
E25 KM1E44F-2-E25 RUBBER CUSHION 2 More Info
E26 KM1E44F-2-E26 CRANK CASE 1 More Info
E27 KM1E44F-2-E27 * 0 More Info
E28 KM1E44F-2-E28 PIN B4*10 2 More Info
E29 KM1E44F-2-E29 OIL SEAL 1 More Info
E30 KM1E44F-2-E30 SCREW M5*30 4 More Info
E31 KM1E44F-2-E31 FLY WHEEL 1 More Info
E32 KM1E44F-2-E32 NUT M8 1 More Info
E33 KM1E44F-2-E33 IGNITION 1 More Info
E34 KM1E44F-2-E34 BOLT M5*20 2 More Info
E35 KM1E44F-2-E35 CORD COMP. 1 More Info
E36 KM1E44F-2-E36 WASHER B 2 More Info
E37 KM1E44F-2-E37 SPRING 1 More Info
E38 KM1E44F-2-E38 EXPANDER 2 More Info
E39 KM1E44F-2-E39 WASHER 2 More Info
E4 KM1E44F-2-E4 STARTER ROPE 1 More Info
E40 KM1E44F-2-E40 SCREW PIN 2 More Info
E41 KM1E44F-2-E41 FAN COVER 1 More Info
E42 KM1E44F-2-E42 BOLT M5*25 4 More Info
E43 KM1E44F-2-E43 BEARING 1 More Info
E44 KM1E44F-2-E44 RING 2 More Info
E45 KM1E44F-2-E45 PISTON 1 More Info
E46 KM1E44F-2-E46 PISTON PIN 1 More Info
E47 KM1E44F-2-E47 BOLT M5*12 3 More Info
E48 KM1E44F-2-E48 PISTON RING 2 More Info
E49 KM1E44F-2-E49 CYLINDER GASKET 1 More Info
E5 KM1E44F-2-E5 RECOIL SPRING 1 More Info
E50 KM1E44F-2-E50 CYLINDER 1 More Info
E51 KM1E44F-2-E51 SCREW M5*20 4 More Info
E52 KM1E44F-2-E52 GUIDE COVER ASSY. 1 More Info
E53 KM1E44F-2-E53 SPARK PLUG 1 More Info
E54 KM1E44F-2-E54 SPRING 1 More Info
E55 KM1E44F-2-E55 PLUG CAP 1 More Info
E56 KM1E44F-2-E56 CAP 1 More Info
E57 KM1E44F-2-E57 COVER 1 More Info
E58 KM1E44F-2-E58 PLUG 1 More Info
E59 KM1E44F-2-E59 MUFFLER GASKET 1 More Info
E6 KM1E44F-2-E6 STARTER BODY 1 More Info
E60 KM1E44F-2-E60 MUFFLER 1 More Info
E61 KM1E44F-2-E61 BOLT 2 More Info
E62 KM1E44F-2-E62 NUT M6 2 More Info
E63 KM1E44F-2-E63 MUFFLER COVER 1 More Info
E65 KM1E44F-2-E65 ADMITTING PIPE 1 More Info
E67 KM1E44F-2-E67 CARBURETOR 1 More Info
E68 KM1E44F-2-E68 SCREW ST2.9*6.5 1 More Info
E69 KM1E44F-2-E69 WASHER 3 1 More Info
E7 KM1E44F-2-E7 STARTER HANLE 1 More Info
E70 KM1E44F-2-E70 CHOKE HANDLE 1 More Info
E71 KM1E44F-2-E71 INSIDE COVER 1 More Info
E72 KM1E44F-2-E72 CHOKE 1 More Info
E73 KM1E44F-2-E73 BAFFLE 1 More Info
E74 KM1E44F-2-E74 WASHER 5 2 More Info
E75 KM1E44F-2-E75 WASHER 5 2 More Info
E76 KM1E44F-2-E76 SCREW M5*55 2 More Info
E77 KM1E44F-2-E77 AIR FILTER 1 More Info
E78 KM1E44F-2-E78 INSIDE COVER 1 More Info
E79 KM1E44F-2-E79 * 0 More Info
E8 KM1E44F-2-E8 RING 1 More Info
E80 KM1E44F-2-E80 OUTSIDE COVER 1 More Info
E81 KM1E44F-2-E81 SCREW M5*16 3 More Info
E82 KM1E44F-2-E82 STARTER 1 More Info
E83 KM1E44F-2-E83 FUEL FILTER 1 More Info
E84 KM1E44F-2-E84 FUEL PIPE 1 More Info
E85 KM1E44F-2-E85 PLUG 1 More Info
E86 KM1E44F-2-E86 FUEL PIPE 1 More Info
E87 KM1E44F-2-E87 FUEL TANK 1 More Info
E88 KM1E44F-2-E88 FUEL TANK LID 1 More Info
E89 KM1E44F-2-E89 O RING 1 More Info
E9 KM1E44F-2-E9 SCREW M5*20 5 More Info
E90 KM1E44F-2-E90 INLET 1 More Info
E91 KM1E44F-2-E91 INSIDE COVER 1 More Info
E92 KM1E44F-2-E92 LID 1 More Info
E93 KM1E44F-2-E93 CHAIN 1 More Info
E94 KM1E44F-2-E94 FUEL TANK LID COMP. 1 More Info
E95 KM1E44F-2-E95 STAND 1 More Info
E96 KM1E44F-2-E96 SCREW M5*30 2 More Info
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