35-152A CARBURETOR DIAPHRAM Replace Zama RB-72 C1Q-DM1 C1Q-DM6 C1Q-DM6A C1Q-DM7 C1Q-DM7A C1Q-DM8 C1Q-DM8A C1Q-DM8B C1Q-DM9 C1Q-DM9A C1Q-DM9B C1Q-DM10A C1Q-DM10B C1Q-S37 C1Q-S37A C1Q-S37B C1Q-S46 C1Q-S46A C1Q-S46B C1Q-W8 C1Q-W9 C1Q-W9A C1Q-W9B C1Q-W9C

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KNK Art No.: 35-152A

OEM NO & Reference No.
Replace Zama RB-72
Fit For Models.
C1Q-DM1, C1Q-DM6, C1Q-DM6A, C1Q-DM7, C1Q-DM7A, C1Q-DM8, C1Q-DM8A, C1Q-DM8B, C1Q-DM9, C1Q-DM9A, C1Q-DM9B, C1Q-DM10A, C1Q-DM10B, C1Q-S37, C1Q-S37A, C1Q-S37B, C1Q-S46, C1Q-S46A, C1Q-S46B, C1Q-W8, C1Q-W9, C1Q-W9A, C1Q-W9B, C1Q-W9C, C1Q-W9D, C1Q-W9E, C1Q-Z4 & C1Q-Z5
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