knkpower [14799] ZAMA EFCO EMAK

35-222 CARBURETOR DIAPHRAM Replace Zama GND-41 For C1Q-E7 A C1Q-E10 C1Q-E12 C1U-K47 C1U-K51 C1U-K52 C1U-K53 A-B C1U-K55 C1U-K58 C1U-K59 C1U-K62 C1U-K68 C1U-SK17 ZAMA carburetor Efco Emak: 8300 8350 8400 Emak chainsaw Emak Trimmer Echo: HC1500 HC1600

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KNK Art No.: 35-222
Replace Zama GND-41
For C1Q-E7,A/ C1Q-E10/ C1Q-E12/ C1U-K47/ C1U-K51/ C1U-K52/ C1U-K53,A-B/ C1U-K55, C1U-K58/ C1U-K59/ C1U-K62/ C1U-K68/ C1U-SK17 ZAMA carburetor
Efco/Emak: 8300, 8350, 8400, Emak chainsaw, Emak Trimmer Echo: HC1500, HC1600, HC2000, HC2400, HC2410, SRM2100, GT2000, GT2100, SHR2100, SRM2105/2305/2455, AT203G, WP1000, ES211, PB201
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