KM1E36F-2 2 Stroke GASOLINE Engine Displacement:32.6cc 36×32mm Max power:0.9kw 1.2HP Fuel tank:0.75L N.W.:3.4kgs Packing:29×25×24cm 20"FCL:1700PCS

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KNK Art No.: KM1E36F-2
2 Stroke GASOLINE Engine
Displacement: 32.6cc/36×32mm
Max power: 0.9kw/1.2HP
Fuel tank: 0.75L
N.W.: 3.4kgs
Packing: 29×25×24cm
20"FCL: 1700PCS
Product Net Weight
3400g ≈ 3.4 kgs ≈ 119.93oz ≈ 7.5lbs
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E21 KM0408330-E21 PIN B4*10 2 More Info
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E27 KM0408330-E27 NUT M8 1 More Info
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E30 KM0408330-E30 BOLT M5*20 6 More Info
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E37 KM0408330-E37 FAN COVER 1 More Info
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E57 KM0408330-E57 BOLT 2 More Info
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E60 KM0408330-E60 ADMMITING PIPE GASKET 1 More Info
E61 KM0408330-E61 ADMITTING PIPE 1 More Info
E62 KM0408330-E62 CARBURETOR GASKET 1 More Info
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E73 KM0408330-E73 KNOB 1 More Info
E75 KM0408330-E75 RUBBER COVER 1 More Info
E76 KM0408330-E76 FUEL FILTER 1 More Info
E77 KM0408330-E77 FUEL PIPE (LONG) 1 More Info
E78 KM0408330-E78 PLUG 1 More Info
E79 KM0408330-E79 FUEL PIPE (SHORT) 1 More Info
E80 KM0408330-E80 SCREW M5*16 2 More Info
E81 KM0408330-E81 FUEL TANK 1 More Info
E82 KM0408330-E82 CHAIN 1 More Info
E83 KM0408330-E83 END COVER 1 More Info
E84 KM0408330-E84 INSIDE COVER 1 More Info
E85 KM0408330-E85 INLET 1 More Info
E86 KM0408330-E86 O RING 1 More Info
E87 KM0408330-E87 FUEL TANK LID 1 More Info
E88 KM0408330-E88 FUEL TANK LID ASSY. 1 More Info
E89 KM0408330-E89 RUBBER CUSHION 2 More Info
E92 KM0408330-E92 STAND 1 More Info
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