161-112 SPINDLE PULLEY 753-08171 756-04129 756-04129B 756-04129C 956-04129 956-04129B 12A-764M 12A-764M099 12A-764M799 12A-764R299 12AE764H099 12AE764N

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KNK Art No.: 161-112
OD: 4-1/8", flat OD: 3-1/2", flat width: 7/8"
Overall width: 1-1/16", bore: 3/8", offset: 3/32"
OEM NO & Reference No.
753-08171, 756-04129, 756-04129B, 756-04129C, 956-04129, 956-04129B
Fit For Models.
12A-764M, 12A-764M099, 12A-764M799, 12A-764R299, 12AE764H099, 12AE764N, 12AE764Y099, 12AE76JU099, 13A1760F700, 13A1762F020, 13A1762F029, 13A1762F065, 13A1762F229, 13A1762F265, 13A1762F700, 13A1762F729, 13A276LF031, 13A2771G790, 13A2775S000, 13A277SS099, 13A277SS299, 13A277XS099, 13A277XS299, 13A2785S001, 13A278XS099, 13A278XS299, 13A2791G790, 13A3760F700, 13A3761G700, 13A3762F700, 13A3771G700, 13A3791G700, 13A4616G790, 13A4616H790, 13AA625P004, 13AA925P004
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